Joining the Club

There are several ways to join the club - the simplest is just to turn up to a meeting and join then and there.  You can of course come along for a meeting as a visitor beforehand to get the 'feel' of the club.

Alternatively you can download and print this form:   Click for the form here   Then fill it in and return it with a cheque for £12 to our treasurer.  Note that there is also a £1 per meeting attendance fee for members.  

Visitors pay £1 per visit, which includes a cup of tea or coffee.

Contacting Us and the Committee

For more information on the club please contact or one of the following committee members:


Damien Nolan 2E0EUI    Tel: 07900 242541


Alan O'Donovan G8NKM  Tel: 020 8778 9660


Ian Skeggs: G8NKM 

Ordinary Committee Members 

Nick Stapley (Website Manager)

Bob Burns G3OOU (Newletter Editor)

If you wish to contribute to our newsletter the 'Palace Pulse' please 

contact Bob at  or ring 01737 552170