Club Projects

There are now seven projects currently active:

a) 50MHz Converter

The receiver converter design is complete and two boards have been made and tested with very similar results.


The highest frequency achieved to date is 260MHz out of the case and the  lowest frequency about 500KHz. The reliable range seems to be 1 - 200MHz.

A number of club members have now completed this project.

The electronic design is complete and and the PCB artwork finished but not available via this website - contact Bob G3OOU for details. The circuit diagram is already posted in the Electronic Design Centre together with suggested construction details.

c) Strip Line VHF SWR Bridge

This is primarily designed for 50-150MHz but the layout may be changed to suit other frequencies. A prototype has already been made and tested and the circuit diagram and 1:1 scale artwork are now complete and available.

d) Progressive Communications Receiver

This is a simple direct conversion receiver based on the premise that it can be extended in the future to add more modes, bands and general functionality. There are four basic modules in the initial design - product detector, audio filter, audio amplifier and mains power supply. All of these may be made with basic tools, soldering iron etc. A battery may be used instead of the power supply if preferred. Further modules will be added in due course.

Circuits and construction notes are available from the October 2002 newsletter or the club committee.

e) 50ohm Return Loss Bridge

The circuit and construction notes are available from the Electronic Design Centre on this web site.

f) Low Cost Dummy Load

The design is now in the Electronics Design Centre.

g) Low Cost Power Supply

Victor has been taking our construction candidates through the process of building a low cost power supply.

h) 1 - 500MHz Log Detector

A number of these have now been made and details are available from Bob G3OOU (see the 'Contact Us' section of this site). Dead bug construction is fine but it must be enclosed in a metal box. Stocks of the three ICs have now all been sold.

i) A Digital LC Meter

Our Secretary Alan has built one to check the performance and a number of kits have been purchased for assembly at a construction evening (August 2015). The kit contains all components to construct a working unit including a programmed PIC IC and LCD display but no PP3 battery or outer case which are left to each constructor.

j) A Digital Frequency Counter

Our secretary Alan has completed the design of an Arduino based frequency counter and had a number of commercial printed circuit boards manufactured. At least six members have embarked on this project and three have been completed and calibrated. Technical details are available from:

Note: See for more information of these projects.